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Point your phone at the coast and get tagged information about the real image. You can see topographical indications, maritime signalling, leisure points and services. Explore with your phone and discover destinations beyond what the eye can reach.

The coast in
your hands

1. Download the App

Downloading the application for mobile is free and you can do it from the Apple Store and the Google Play Store. Download iOS / Android.

2. Download your map

Download the map of your area. With the map downloaded on the phone it works without phone coverage or internet connection.

3. Discover the coast from the sea

Point with the camera towards the coast and you will see the geographical, nautical and tourist points of interest that surround you, and your distance from the boat, among other interesting information.

ShoreView in action!

Enjoy your trip at the sea with this navigation APP. Thanks to augmented reality you can discover what awaits you on the coast before arriving. Do you want to see how?


Who is the ShoreView App for?

The ShoreView App is a very useful navigation application for:

  • Boat skippers without experience in the area.
  • Recent PER graduates.
  • Foreigners with own or rented boat.
  • Occasional skippers with a rented boat.
  • Crew in general.

Listen to the experience of other APP users and get ready for the adventure!

Advantages of ShoreView App

Augmented reality

With this technology it is possible to see the 'invisible' and obtain information in real time by pointing your device at the coast.

Discover your destination

With this navigation app you can view topographical indications, maritime signals, leisure points and services that the coast offers you.

Visual solution for the coast

Point your device towards the coast to know what you see there, how far you are from it and other functions that we offer you.

Identification of topographic, maritime, leisure and service points

Discover beaches, capes, buoys, anchoring places, restaurants, hotels, danger zones at sea, ports, mountains and peaks, pharmacies, rentals, and much more!

It works without telephone coverage

Using GPS, compass and gyro technology, you can use the app to navigate without the need for mobile coverage.

Works without internet connection

You can download your maps in advance to avoid problems with internet connection at sea.

Do you already have Shoreview App downloaded?

What boat skippers, crew and sea lovers say about ShoreView App

Shoreview App


The coast in your hands with just one click