Isla de Es Vedrà

Meet Es Vedrá Island with the Shoreview App

Before starting any getaway, the first step is to plan what you want to see and discover in the chosen destination. Sometimes when we talk about Ibiza we think about dancing and partying, but the truth is that this island hides wonders and secrets that the Shoreview App will discover and make you fall in love with.

There are very few Ibizans who do not know Es Vedrá, an island that formed 10,000 years ago because of the tides and erosion. This emblematic islet is located 2 km away from the southwest coast of Ibiza and is characterized by its unique triangular shape and colossal size. It rises 382 meters above the sea.

Es Vedrá is part of a Nature Reserve with high ecological wealth, together with Es Vedranell. Es Vedrà stands out for its endemic fauna and vegetation that present a great variety of subspecies that differ in colour and size.

Lagartija Pitiusa. Foto: El Periódico de Ibiza

In order to protect this magical place, today it is not possible to access without proven authorization. Fortunately for those who want to see it up close, it is possible to travel the 4 km perimeter by sea around this protected island.

Despite the impossibility of entering the island, it is possible to anchor. From the crystalline waters you can discover its native ecosystem and spot the brown morena, yellow anemones, sponges and ascites that cover its walls.

Another way to enjoy this famous island is from the viewpoints. The best-known viewpoint is Cala d’Hort. A rugged sandy beach located just opposite the island.

Another beautiful way to experience and enjoy the island is from Cala de l’Hort. You can anchor your boat and enjoy its incredible sunset.

When you go to the Island of Es Vedrà, take the Shoreview App with you and discover other secrets of the Ibizan island!