ShoreView 2.0, PRO VERSION

We ended the summer and with it we closed the first season of the ShoreView App for the Mediterranean.

We are happy and convinced that the ShoreView App is an application to navigate that is still going to give a lot to talk about, and the data proves that.

ShoreView App Nueva Versión 2.0

The application has been downloaded by around 4,000 people, and users have rated it at 8.3 out of 10. The majority highlight the great utility of this app for sea voyages and highlight its ease of use, while also showing interest in discovering new maps in the application.

Currently, ShoreView App covers about 6,000 km of the Spanish Mediterranean coast. Our goal is to reach 46,000km of coastline, traveling through beautiful places in the Mediterranean Sea such as Greece, Italy, Turkey or Tunisia.


Augmented reality will continue to be the key in the new version, which will continue to offer real-time topographic and technical data for the skipper (where to anchor, lighthouses, beacons…) and tourist information on destinations and leisure locations (beach bars, hotels, restaurants, pharmacy…).

We want to continue offering real and useful solutions on sea voyages and enrich professional, sports and holiday navigation. We seek to expand our area of action worldwide and exceed 100,000 users with the new improved version.

After an incredible response from users, we ended the season with new ideas and proposals for improvement to offer a new PRO version, with more maps, many more features and with Premium options.

The ShoreView App 2.0 will include recommended routes, navigation tips and specific indications on jellyfish, wind, waves and weather. We are also considering the possibility of publishing planned crossings, sharing routes with other users and interacting with other vessels.

Such has been its impact and success in the navigation sector that has even piqued Google’s curiosity, which has shown interest in its features and technological capabilities.

Pay attention, lovers of the sea, because the ShoreView App is here to stay and become a leader in the nautical sector.