Cómo usar ShoreView App

ShoreView App in depth

This app for navigating with augmented reality arose from the need detected by one of the partners of the app to provide a visual and real solution for the coast. The main objective is to identify points of interest on the coast when you approach it. In addition, to offer much more information about the journey and the destination you intend to visit.

How is the app used?

You can use it with your mobile or tablet, with any of the Android operating systems and iOS. It’s free and you can download it from the Apple Store and Google Play.

You only have to download it and you can use it in situ in the Islands of Ibiza and Formentera.

What technology does it use?

The main feature of the ShoreView App is that it uses augmented reality. With this technology it is possible to add layers of visual information about the real world around us. It is a way of traveling in the sea that uncovers places that you cannot see with your eyes.

Who is this navigation app designed for?

It is an app for skippers, crew and passengers because it allows:

  • Make calculations on the crossing (distances, detection of hazards, moorings, places of anchorage…).
  • Visualize the coast in depth.
  • Detect where the best beaches and coves are.
  • Visualize topographic indications and maritime signalling.
  • Find services and leisure places at the destination.
  • Learn curiosities about the points of interest in the area.

How is ShoreView App different from other applications?

The main advantage is the use of augmented reality and that to make use of the application it is not necessary to have mobile coverage or data network. In the market there is no similar app, so it is a perfect complement to other maritime tools.

Get ready to travel the world with the ShoreView App!